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Increasing Efficiency!

Did you know that most home fires caused by clogged dryer vents can be avoided by completing regular maintenance?


Over 16,000 fires are caused every year by clothing dryers and clogged dryer vents. It is very important to maintain the cleanliness of your dryer vent.  If the vent becomes dirty and/or clogged, the hot air that normally escapes will revert into the home causing serious mold damage and fires that will require costly repairs. Lint and debris build up also causes extreme wear and tear on dryer parts resulting in inefficiency and higher utility bills.  Missing lint screens, bird nests and other clogs can also cause serious blockage.

Did you know that having your chimney routinely swept removes creosote deposits, significantly reducing the risk of home fires?  


Creosote is a combustible deposit that originates from condensed wood and coal smoke. The deposits contain traces of tar, vapors, and other organic compounds. It is extremely harmful and can burn at temperatures up to 2100 degrees fahrenheit.  Creosote can have the same ignition response as paper. Receiving chimney sweeping services as needed removes this dangerous material and the compounds that cause fire hazards.


​​Why JAMMS?


JAMMS Dryer Vent Cleaning and Chimney Sweeping is family owned and prides itself in providing quality/reliable service, scheduling flexibility, and top notch customer service.  We will do our absolute best to understand our client's desires and satisfy them in a timely manner.  JAMMS is operated by military veterans with twenty two years of combined experience, training in efficient operations and attention to detail. Our team is fully equipped to provide dryer vent cleaning and chimney sweeping services to residential and commercial facilities. We take pleasure in providing services to local businesses, restaurants, stores, personal homes, and contract services to government agencies.  Please call today to schedule your cleaning!    


  All Counties in the State of Maryland 

 Signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning:

- Dryer is taking more time to dry clothes

- Dryer increasingly hot while in use

- Burning smell while in use

- Longer than a year since last cleaning

   Signs that your chimney needs  cleaning:


- Material build up on the damper that is a quarter to an eighth of an inch thick    

- Signs of soot build up in chimney or on furnace

- Smoke coming from the connection pipes when furnace is in use (metal)

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